2013 Battalgazi Rally


After the successful rallycross organizations,the club decided to organise a local rally in 2010. This local rally event may be one of the best well-organised local rallies of Turkey which attracted both local and national drivers very much. One of the possible reasons of this success was the support of the national hero Volkan ISIK. This success of candidate rally carried out the event to the national league of Turkish Rally Championship in 2011. The special stages of the rally pass through a spectacular view of Bozdag mountains consisting of plenty of winding asphalth roads. The first stage starts from 800 meters of altitude, climbs up to 1270 meters and the second stage goes down to 200 meters, the following and final stage of the rally climbs up again to 1270 meters! The Rally is also known as the most compact rally of the Turkish Rally Championship. It consists of 100 kms of SS and 135 kms of road section totally 235 kms. The start and finish podiums are at a best known shopping mall of the city, located at the heart of the downtown. Therefore, start-finish ceremonies are followed by thousands of rally fans. Battalgazi Rally was elected as the most admired organisation by the competitors as well as by the media in 2011 and in 2012.

The name Eskişehir literally means "Old City" in Turkish language; indeed, the city was founded by the Phrygians in around 1000 BC. The city has a significant population of Crimean Tatars. It also attracted ethnic Turks emigrated from Balkan countries such as Bulgaria,Romania, Bosnia, and the Sandžak region of Serbia, who contributed to the development of the city's metalworking industries. Modern-day Eskişehir is one of Turkey's foremost industrial cities. Traditionally dependent on flour milling and brickyards, the city expanded with the building of railway workshops in 1894 for work on the Berlin-Baghdad Railway. Eskisehir is also a city of education and science. Except the metropolitan cities, Eskisehir got the title to be the sole city in Anatolia with two universities. Anadolu University has 12 faculties, 7 institutes, 7 high schools, 2 vocational high schools and Osmangazi University has 7 faculties, 4 institutes, 2 high schools and 3 vocational high schools. Nightlife of student living city Eskisehir becomes more active depending on the periods education and training, Offered in conjunction with bars and night clubs in downtown,live music bars, live music concerts are often well-known artists, the environment is attracting interest from other cities .In addition, there are a lot of coffee shops wine houses in the downtown of Eskişehir. Eskisehir is located 350 kms to İstanbul, which means 600 kms to Edirne, Kapitan Andreevo customs port. Turkey has a very good network of highways, allowing a comfortable and fast journey between the cities.